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The project

Sion Airport Technology Center

Sion Airport Technology Center is an association with its headquarters in Sion, the capital of Valais. It aims to make Sion and its airport an important location for the aeronautic industry and related activities.

Sion Airport Technology Center will establish a technology park on the airport (Sion Air Park) which will offer offices and industrial buildings with all facilities available for manufacturing and MRO companies. The Ark Foundation provides practical assistance to help enterprises increase their competitiveness. Its aim is to build a dynamic and diverse economy within the canton of Valais. The Ark Fondation runs 5 technology parks in Valais and is studying the possibility to integrate Sion Airpark in its network.

Our consulting role is to help Swiss and international companies establish activities at Sion Airport and Valais, including but not limited to:

  • Manufacturing of aircraft and aircraft components
  • Avionics development and manufacturing
  • Aerospace electronics and software R&D
  • Cyber-security R&D and services for aviation
  • Composites R&D and manufacturing
  • Joint projects between industry and EPFL (Sion, Lausanne) and HES-SO (Valais)
  • Sales, marketing and maintenance of aircraft
  • Sales, marketing and maintenance of aeronautical equipment
  • Air transport and related services
  • Unmanned aircraft maintenance and operations
  • Air crew training
  • Aerial filming and media services
  • Atmospheric research
  • Conferences and meetings organization

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The association

The Sion Airport technology Center association (ref. art. 60 and follow of the Swiss Civil Code) is a private initiative supported by the State of Valais, the City of Sion and various other sponsors with following tasks:

  • Support the economic development of Sion Airport, the City of Sion and the State of Valais, with focus on aeronautics.
  • Organize legal services and support.
  • Help establish contacts with competent authorities.
  • Provide contacts with the Swiss Federal University EPFL in Sion and Lausanne and the University of Applied Sciences HES-SO in Valais.
  • Provide contacts with industry in Valais and elsewhere in Switzerland.
  • Establish contacts with banks, financial institutions and investors.
  • Help with financing and construction of offices, workshops, hangars etc needed by the new industrial activities.
  • Help provide housing to staff and families.

Sion Airport

No other location in Switzerland has so much to offer to the aviation industry.

Sion Airport is a fabulous asset in the sunniest canton of Switzerland, right next to large ski resorts such as Verbier, Crans-Montana and Zermatt. Surrounded by vineyards and enjoying exceptional weather conditions, Sion Airport is open for traffic all year.

Sion Airport offers a range of aviation activities with aircraft and helicopters, including leisure flights, air sports (gliding and parachuting), heli-ski adventures, transportation of passengers and goods, and scheduled flights. The airport accommodates numerous business and private jets, and has considerable hangar space available for visiting aircraft.


  • Airport category IIIb
    • VFR, IFR, GPS…
    • Runway length: 2000m X 40 m concrete + 660m  x 30m grass
  • Various services available:
    • Passagers hall
    • Handling facilities
  • Maintenance companies for various aircraft types
  • Helicopter base
  • Customs facilities
  • Aircraft types: From gliders to Airbus A320 and Airbus A400M
  • Very close to City Center
    • 1.5 Km from railway station
    • 1.7 Km from Government offices and City Center
  • Direct motorway to Geneva, Bern, Basel and Zürich
  • Direct railway connection to Geneva Airport (travel time 2:00), convenient connection to Zurich Airport (2:55)

Development potential

  • Available land for new constructions.
  • 27’000 available airspace movements in the airport’s operating permit.
  • Airport railway station planned.
  • Flexibility of exploitation schedule.
  • Airport development planning ongoing by State and City authorities.
  • Improvement of Sion-Geneva Airport railway (new travel time 1:35)
  • GPS Approach (3.4 degrees) available in 2016.





Partnerships and supports

The Sion Airport Technology Center association has the following partners:

  • The City of Sion, represented by Mayor Marcel Maurer, highly appreciates the creation of the association Sion Airport Technology Center. Being the operator of Sion Airport, the City of Sion will play an active role in the industrial development on and around the airport.
  • The State of Valais, represented by President Jean-Michel Cina, provides its support through the Business Valais promotion office. A whole range of incentives are available to new companies in Valais.
  • The Cantonal Bank of Valais, represented by Chairman Pascal Perruchoud, is the natural banking partner for companies at Sion Airport. It offers a complete range of financial services.
  • The Bourgeoisie of Sion, represented by President de Lavallaz, which own lands around the area.

The founders

The Sion Airport Technology Center association was established in November 2014 by 3 entrepreneurs dedicated to the economic progress of Sion, Valais, and Switzerland. The founders are all passionate aviators.



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Jean-Yves Bonvin

Treasurer and law advisor

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Jean-Yves Bonvin

Karl Osen

Technical advisor

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Karl Osen

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